Spotlight on: Toyota Prius

Carrus Group prides itself in providing excellent service, especially in how we conduct ourselves when transporting our clients from A to B; our drivers are highly trained and ensure that you always arrive on time. We employ these values of professionalism in our fleet, which is why we choose the highest quality, most comfortable vehicles to chauffeur you.

We’ve previously discussed how the Mercedes Benz S Class can benefit you, so now we’re taking a look at another great, luxurious vehicle, the Toyota Prius.


The Vehicle

The Toyota Prius is a Latin word that means ‘first’ or ‘original’, a name chosen because the Prius was launched before environmental awareness became a strong social issue. This hybrid car is in its fourth generation and has been sold in over 90 different countries, from Japan to the UK and the US – so far, almost 4 million units have been sold all over the world. The Toyota Prius first went on sale in 1997 and is the first mass-produced petrol-electric hybrid vehicle.

The design of this car has always been unique: when viewed from the front, it sloped upwards. This eye-catching aesthetic choice became a selling point and allowed the Prius to stand out amongst other hybrids. This vehicle is the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious people who also love the sleek, contemporary look the Prius offers.


Why We Chose the Toyota Prius

Starting by its environmental impact, the Prius is incredibly eco-friendly, as it’s amongst the cleanest, most fuel-economic vehicles out there, with lower levels of smog-forming emissions. The UK is one of the leading European markets for Prius, and we understand how important it is to invest in measures that help protect the environment.

We also opted for this vehicle due to its incredibly safe braking system, which also helps the car’s batteries charge – this way no energy is wasted.


Why the Toyota Prius is Perfect For You

Arriving on time and in style is the Prius’ motto. That, and, of course, providing a smooth, luxurious ride you’ll be able to enjoy from beginning to end. The Toyota Prius is also a very spacious vehicle, capable of sitting four people comfortably and carry two large suitcases easily – which means you’ll be able to just lean back and relax during your journey.

The one-of-a-kind design allows you to travel fashionably no matter where you go, be it a board meeting, a road show or a shopping excursion. The technological perks of a car like this are also impressive. With an on-board monitor that controls the gears, panels that showcase the fuel usage and a built-in camera to help the driver during parking, the Toyota Prius is truly a spectacular vehicle.


Luxury is the word of the day with Carrus Group, as we take pride in providing a comfortable and professional service to all of our clients, so book with us now and we’ll discuss your needs with you. If you merely want to enquire about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to talk to us at anytime!

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