Spotlight On: Mercedes Benz S-Class

As a dedicated business chauffeur we here at Carrus Group know that the best and most luxurious of cars is required for our clients. To this aim the Mercedes-Benz cars we have on offer are a point of pride, they offer the smoothest ride for our clients and the S-Class is a car with a difference in that regard.

Meetings and business engagements are unavoidable, often stressful, so arriving in style is a great way to avoid any other bothersome factors as this fantastic car delivers you both class and peace of mind.


More aerodynamic than its predecessors, aluminium is used extensively in this model and the new shape means that the handling and efficiency has significantly increased. The advanced safety options of the S-Class make for great peace of mind as the driving assistance features help your driver to make your journey as safe and hassle-free as possible. This means that riding in this car feels as comfortable as sitting in your own lounge.


The design of this car is truly eye-catching. This is a truly luxury saloon with an imposing and elegant on-road presence, yet it also feels as agile and light as the aluminium allows it be as a result of the purposeful styling.

Classic features such as the Mercedes-Benz star mounted on the bonnet, the classic radiator grill and sculpted front apron announces the classic nature of this car to all who see it. There will be no doubt that anyone riding in this car has a classic and sophisticated taste in cars.


The S-Class and cutting edge technology are one in the same. The Magic Body Control of this amazing car uses cameras to read the road ahead, a truly innovative system, detecting bumps and potholes where even a driver might not and adjusts the damping. This process takes fractions of a second and you will never even notice as you cruise along on the smoothest ride of your life.


Silence. Pure, beautiful, silence is all that will accompany you on your ride in the S-Class thanks to the acoustic insulation. The sense of isolation, perfect for completing any last minute work or going over notes for you meeting is a truly remarkable feeling.

Pure Luxury

When all is said and done the word we here at Carrus Group have used to describe this car over and over again in this post has been luxury. Even at the risk of being extremely repetitive that is simply what this car is, pure and immeasurable luxury that needs to be experienced to be believed.

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