The Meaning of Late

Traffic jams, faulty alarms and divine intervention are just a few of the reasons you might be late for a very important date. No matter the reason it does not reflect well on you professionally, especially if you are late to a first meeting. Being late is a silent language, whether you mean it to be or not. What is this silent language saying about you?

Nothing you would want people to endorse on your LinkedIn page, that’s for sure.


Being late is the height of rudeness. It shows that you value your own time, but not the time of the person you were supposed to be meeting. The impression of rudeness is never good for business relations; no one wants to work with someone who is rude after all. Treating people with respect is a key element in business and being on time is an important element of this respect.


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Being late to a meeting says a lot about your future work relationship. If you are late to a meeting there is no reason you won’t be late for deadlines, future engagements and with any projects that you might work on together. It’s as if you are presenting two faces: the promises you make and the actual deadline that you deliver. You might not think that being late to one meeting creates such a far-reaching assumption, but business deals have been lost over much less.


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Tardiness suggests a lack of respect for those you are meeting with. Being late means you don’t respect the value of their time, as you expect that they will accommodate your lateness in spite of any other outstanding engagements that they may have. Not respecting the people that you are working with is the best way to making sure that you never work with them again.

Fraught Relations

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Strained relationships are born of frustration at the behaviour of the other person. If you are continually late, you may find that they are continually annoyed with you. It is more than likely it will lead to the other party never wanting to work with you again. Being late is an overall indicator of poor work ethic and a sure sign for most people that you are not someone they want to rely on.

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