Top Stress Busting Tips for Business Travel

For some people, travelling can be the cause of additional stress, especially when travelling for business over a long period of time. However, it doesn’t need to be that way – travelling for business can be relaxing. Here are some tips for busting stress on business travel trips.

Book First Class

If possible, try booking first class. This will guarantee you peace and quiet, as well as impeccable service.

Enjoy Leisurely Pursuits

Engage in leisurely activities, such as reading a book or a magazine, listening to music or completing word or numerical puzzles to pass the time.

Switch Off Technology

Using technology on a regular basis can hinder our ability to switch off, so turn off your phone, tablet or laptop if you can and digitally detox.

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Take a Nap

Sometimes, getting a bit of shut-eye, even for a short period of time, can help us to feel calmer and well rested.

Be Mindful and Breathe

Take yourself off autopilot and be aware of the world around you. If you can’t switch off your phone, then download mindfulness exercises, which are designed to help keep you calm.

Get Organised

Pack all of your items in advance, make sure you have all of your important documents and check over your schedule. Getting organised will put your mind at ease.

Sort Out Your Suitcase

If possible, try to take on a wheeled carry-on suitcase in order to reduce the chance of losing your luggage. Also, place your items in specific compartments of your luggage and check that it is clearly labelled so that it is easily identifiable.

Check-in In Advance

If you check-in in advance, you don’t have to waste time standing around in queues, especially if the check-in desk is busy.

Hire a Chauffeur 

Hiring an executive chauffeur is a great way to arrive at your destination on time without feeling angry or flustered, and here at Carrus Group we want you to have a smooth trip. If you book to travel with a chauffeur you are guaranteed to travel stress-free and you will be well looked after.

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