Sightseeing in Cambridge Town

At Carrus Group, we aren’t just a transportation and chauffeur service. We pride ourselves on also offering sightseeing services. This gives you the opportunity to explore an area of the UK that maybe you have always wanted to go to, or you’ve never had time to see before. Our sightseeing tours range from the stunning Stonehenge all the way to Cambridge.

Cambridge is a prestigious city by the River Cam, located in the east of England. It hosts the Kings College, the towering Gothic Chapel founded King Henry VIII and is also home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, which dates to 1209. If you are planning on visiting Cambridge soon, Carrus Group will be sure you get to see the following sights.

University of Cambridge

The world renown University of Cambridge is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world, having been given royal charter by King Henry III in 1231. The University is the second oldest in the world and the world’s fourth oldest surviving education facility. As well as hosting nine museums and collections, including the FitzWilliam Museum, the university has 31 colleges which are all open to public visits.

The buildings deliver a countless supply of character and stature. The institution certainly lives up to its royal background, educating and employing people such as Stephen Hawking, Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry.

Cambridge, United Kingdom – October 21, 2014: College of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Botanical Gardens

With over 8,000 different types of plant, the Cambridge University Botanical Garden spreads over 40 acres of stunning landscape in the centre of the city. The vast array of flowers and plants are surrounded by a lake, a glasshouse, rock gardens and a collection of trees. Resourcing many materials, expertise and facilities, the Botanical Gardens offer a beautiful, serene location which everybody can benefit from and relax amongst the nature. There is plenty to discover, learn and enjoy amongst the birds, the flowers, and trees.

Greenhouse of the botanical garden of the University of Cambridge

FitzWilliam Museum

This grand building is said by the Standing Commission on Museum and Galleries to be “one of the greatest art collections of the nation and a monument of the first importance”. The Fitzwilliam museum is home to approximately 550,000 pieces of art and receives around 470,000 visitors annually. Hosting 5 departments of incredible pieces of art, including Antiques; Applied Arts; Coins and Medals; Manuscripts and Printed Books; Paintings, Drawings, and Prints. Founded in 1816, as a legacy of 7th Viscount FitzWilliam, and a bequest of £100,000; the collection and funding has grown over the years to its mesmerising state now.

Greenhouse of the botanical garden of the University of Cambridge

Cambridge Castle/Castle Mound

Originally, the castle at Cambridge was built after the Norman Conquest to strategically control the route to the north of England. Playing a huge part in the conflict of the anarchy, then expanded by Edward I, the castle began to fall to neglect. As a result, the stonework started to be re-used for the surrounding colleges. It was then used during the Civil War (1642-1651) as a prison, after which it was demolished. Throughout its history, the Castle never held a stable position.

Today, the only remaining part that visitors can see of the castle is a 33-ft. mound which rests at the highest point of the city (other than the miscellaneous bricks used in the colleges around Cambridge). There are some remaining fragments and parts of the castle, and the mound offers spectacular views of the city from the top.

Cambridge, United Kingdom – October 21, 2014: College of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cambridge, United Kingdom

As well as these characteristics of the vibrant city of Cambridge, it has much more to offer.  You could jump on a boat through the River Cam to the nearest pub, or canoe your way to the next restaurant. You could go try the world-famous Chelsea Buns at Fitzbillies or visit the unique round church; whatever you want to experience in the smart, educated and fascinating city of Cambridge, Carrus Group are sure to get there safely, and certainly in style.

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