Business Travel: Maximise the Comfort

Whether you run your own business or carry out a lot of travel for your employer’s needs, you can end up spending a lot of your time, money and effort organising a comfortable journey. A lifetime of taxis, trains, planes and public transport can be a stressful and an unwanted situation to be in.

So, of course, you want to be as relaxed as possible. Between increased security, and limited leg room, business travel can be anything but easy, but we want to make your journeys as painless as possible.

Pack Responsibly and Practically

Whether in the air or on the road, your luggage can sometimes become a burden. Airlines can charge a lot for more than hand luggage, and it can also be time-consuming waiting for your bag after your flight. If you can fit all your essentials in a hand traveller, your journey is sure to be less stressful. Pack for the time you will be away and be sensible about it. Mix and match items of clothing so you can wear them more than once and don’t forget about dressing for your journey; in comfort.

Internet and Gadgets

When travelling, dependant on your destination and mode of transport, internet access can be tricky. You don’t want to be paying expensive fees to get connected, and the likeliness of you needing access is high. If you are travelling overseas, consider getting an international data plan or investing in a different sim card while on your travels. If your gadgets need charging, consider getting one charger which will give power to all devices. You don’t want to carry a spaghetti of cables along with your business.

Eat and Sleep

Make sure you can get some decent rest before you set off on your business journey if this isn’t possible make sure you rest on the road. Of course, this is easier said than done, but you could invest in a travel pillow or an eye mask to make it possible. If there are food and drink facilities on your journey, make sure you get plenty of energy to increase business productivity. Having a bite to eat before hopping on a plane or stocking up on travelling snacks is always a good idea.

Routine and Timing

If you are used to business travel, you may already have your own routine in place. Your best bet may be to stick with this, as you don’t want to feel out of sync when on your travels. Make sure you get to your destination with plenty of time to spare. When business is involved you don’t want to be running late. If you are new to business travel, try setting off extra early to make sure you don’t miss any trains, planes, pickups or deadlines.

Knowledge Is Power

It may seem obvious, but make sure you know where you are heading. It’s always good to do some research beforehand and get ahead of the game. Get a navigation app on your phone or a map handy if you are even slightly worried, as you could end up in the wrong place or even lost. If you have a driver taking you to your destination, make sure they know exactly where you are heading to and the best possible route to take. This could save time, money and a lot of worries.

Carrus Group has been providing high-quality chauffeur-driven cars for years and our highly experienced and knowledgeable drivers understand your business travel needs. Non-intrusive and extremely professional, whether you need travel show transport or road show transport – or even a chauffeur for a shopping excursion -, our drivers would be happy to take all the worry out of your travels and provide ultimate comfort and style to your business needs.


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