Top Ways to Always be On Time

Being on time is an important aspect of the corporate world – a reputation for being late is not something you want to have following you around. So, it’s important that you manage your time and yourself well in order to make all of your appointments in good time.

Here at Carrus Group we have experience in making sure we transport you to your meetings and business engagements on time. We specialise in business travel so we know how valuable your time is, and we have gained a good grasp on what it takes to never be late from our customers. Follow these helpful tips and never be late again!

Be Prepared

Preparing everything you need the night before is a great way to get ahead of yourself. Iron your shirt, pack your bags, ensure all your important documents are in order and don’t forget to double check before you go be bed. There is nothing worse than forgetting that all-important document!

Invest in a Planner

Having a physical reminder of all your events, meetings and important appointments can be a vital component of the corporate world. It means you are less likely to double book, can check your engagements at a whim and always be on top of your valuable time. Whether this is a physical or digital planner is up to you, but either way it is an essential asset!

Set Multiple Alarms

An alarm to wake you up in the morning should not be the only alarm you set on important days (nor if you have difficulties waking up in the mornings – multiple alarms can be life saving!). Alarms for when you should leave, reach certain points on your journey and for when you have only a short period left to reach your destination can aid your time management and keep you on track. It’s also a great way to gauge if you might be late. If you are and it is unavoidable, you can give plenty of notice and your apologies well in advance.

Know Your Route and the Time it Takes

Knowing how to get where you are going is integral. Getting lost is a terrible excuse in this age of modern technology and is easily avoidable if you simply check your route beforehand, even the night before can save you the embarrassment of admitting your geographical faux pas!

Keep Necessities in One Location

You wake up, shower, get dressed and as you are about to leave the door it strikes you: where on earth did you leave your keys? Misplacing your keys, wallet or other daily necessities can be very stressful event on days that you have an important meeting. Keeping these essentials all in one location, in a key dish or your pre-packed bag for example, can cut that stress right out of your life.

Be Early

Being late is one of the worst feelings in the world. The easiest way to avoid being late is simple: be early. Arriving ahead of the time you actually have to be at your meeting is a fantastic habit to get into and can garner you a fantastic reputation. Travelling at non-peak times is a great way to save time if possible; however, knowing that heavy traffic will occur is not always possible so it can be beneficial to plan for it even if it doesn’t occur.

Have a Backup Plan

Plan A is not always going to work out. A Plan B, such as alternative transport, can be the saving grace of an unexpectedly terrible situation. You shouldn’t need a Plan B, but it makes for great peace of mind to have one just in case.

Use Reliable Transport

A car breaking down, or buses or trains running late, can be the transport nightmare from your worst dreams. So, choosing a reliable form of transport such as a chauffeur driven car can give you the reliability and surety that you need on a stressful day with an important meeting looming.

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