Top Tips for Surviving Solo Travel

Travelling for business doesn’t always mean that you’re going to be travelling with other people; a lot of the time it involves hitting the road alone.

Whilst some people will prefer solo travel, it can leave others feeling nervous and apprehensive.

However, it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. As long as you prepare yourself by following some of our basic tips, you’ll be absolutely fine. Who knows? You might end up loving being a solo traveller!

Solo Travel

Research Your Destination

We suggest spending some time researching the area(s) that you’re visiting, as this will make you feel a lot more comfortable travelling somewhere new on your own. Arriving in an unknown destination can be incredibly daunting; so learning a little bit about the area will definitely take some of the stress away. Find out simple but helpful things such as the nearest taxi rank, shops or where your meetings are going to be.

Pack Light

If you’re stressing about having to travel alone, you don’t also want to be worrying about navigating around an unknown place with 3 suitcases. We advise you to pack as light as possible; most seasoned travellers will just take one holdall bag with all their essential items. A lot of business professionals keep an “essential travelling” kit packed into their suitcase or bag at all times. This includes items such as toothpaste and a spare toothbrush.

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Stay Safe

Whether female or male, it’s important that you minimise any potential risks to your safety. Looking after yourself is definitely the most important thing to remember when travelling alone. Don’t take a shortcut through an unlit and unknown back street – always stick to the main roads. You also shouldn’t go walking around alone when it’s dark outside. We suggest hiring a chauffeur driver when possible; they guarantee to get you to and from your destination in a safe and reliable way.

Enjoy Yourself

Most people don’t enjoy the thought of travelling for work; preferring to be at home with their family and friends. However, we think you should see the positives in business travel too. You’re getting to see cities and countries that you never would have visited otherwise; so take time out to go and explore. Go for a long walk and take some pictures, visit a museum or even just go out and have a nice meal. You could even check if there is any interesting business events going on whilst there; networking is always a good idea. Not a lot of people get to travel to some beautiful places for work!

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Hiring a chauffeur driver to get you from one place to another doesn’t just eliminate the stress of using public transport; it also ensures that you remain safe when travelling alone.

Here at Carrus Group, we pride ourselves on offering a reliable, safe and professional chauffeur service in London and throughout the UK.

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