Weddings always mark the perfect opportunity to whip out your glad rags and slip on your dancing shoes. They do not, however, call for you to be getting behind the wheel of a car at any point during the day. In fact, it’s fair to say that you’re always best off ditching your car and choosing to travel in a chauffeur-driven vehicle instead. Here are three reasons why.

Cute bride in a white dress holding a wedding bouquet before

1. Drink

It’s all well and good going into a wedding with the intention of not drinking. However, drinking is actually part and parcel of the day. The brides and grooms can often provide bubbly for their guests – both on arrival and during the meal – and there are also the toasts where everyone must raise a glass. It would almost be rude to go into the day with the intention of driving home because it would mean that you couldn’t partake in the rituals that the bride and groom have planned.

2. Venue

A chauffeur-driven car will take you to the venue and then pick you up afterwards. In between there will be no need for it to hang around. This is only a good thing because too many vehicles being parked outside could affect the wedding photos or they might not all fit comfortably. Don’t forget that brides and grooms want to focus their energy on seating arrangements and colour schemes – not choosing a venue where everyone can park.

3. Luxury

If you can’t push the boat out at a wedding, then when can you? You’ll be dressed to the nines and looking your best, so it only seems right that you should arrive in style with the help of a sleek chauffeur-driven car. After all, it would be a shame to give the impression that you’re cutting corners on such a big day.

Treat Yourself

The happy chime of wedding bells should be all you need to know that it’s time to book the most stylish ride possible. Rather than drive yourself, be sure to use executive chauffeurs in London.

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