The Must-See London Day Trips

London is a city rich in history and there is a story to find on every street. For anyone with even a slight interest in history, there is a world to explore that you may have never suspected lies beneath the surface of our illustrious capital. You can even find an adventure by venturing only a stone’s throw away from the city and into the luscious green countryside.

So, what are the top places to see in and around London that you just cannot miss?


The world famous prehistoric landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England. A beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds provides copy space above while bright green grasses below grab the viewer’s attention.

One of the most recognisable structures in the world, Stonehenge is a prehistoric structure which has generated a lot of questions and speculations in regards to what it actually is. This ring of stones is set within earthworks, which rest on the site of a few hundred burial mounds which are the most complex examples of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments that still exist in England.

Although the true nature of the site may never actually be known, we do know it was built around 3000 to 2000BC. The site has been protected since 1882 as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and it has also been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1986. It is officially owned by the Crown and the surrounding land by the Heritage Trust. It has been a site of burial since its erection and was used for ritualistic burning far after this original use, signalling it as a place for the dead in many ways.

It has been a site of great interest for many people over the years, from the laymen to the archaeologists, as such, it has garnered a great many folktales about its construction. One such tale even attributes the construction of the site to Merlin of Arthurian legend. Whatever the case, it is a place of great interest and makes a perfect day trip out of London.

Windsor Castle

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 6, 2014: Outside view of Medieval Windsor Castle Windsor, England. Windsor Castle is a royal residence at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire.

A castle which has been a part of English history since the Norman invasion is the famous Windsor Castle. It was constructed in the wake of William the Conqueror taking the English throne, created alongside many other castles throughout the country in order to consolidate power and secure the Norman grasp on the revolting Saxons. Henry I, fourth son of William, used the castle and it has been a seat for the monarchs of England ever since.

The long history of the castle means that it has been added to and adapted over the years. The nineteenth-century state apartments and the fifteenth-century chapel are examples of how different monarchs adapted the castle for their own use. It has survived bombardment during World War II, a potentially devastating fire in 1992 and is the most inhabited castle in the world as more than 500 people live and work there today.

It is a popular tourist attraction due to the long history, but also because it is a great example of a myriad of architectural styles which draw great admiration. These styles include Rococo, Gothic and Baroque furnishings that have been largely unchanged in over two hundred years. It is a particular favourite of Elizabeth II and is her weekend home of choice. The castle is an unmissable example of extravagant English history and architecture, one that should be one of the top sights on your list to see.

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