The Ins and Outs of a Chauffeur Experience

The experience of being chauffeured is a quality service, fitting all your expectations of luxury and professionalism that is entailed in a chauffeured experience. Exceptional customer service is always the goal, your experience as a traveller should be nothing less than exceptional in every instance.

As a premier chauffeuring company we deliver all of this and more. You should never settle for a less than perfect experience, so be aware of the key components that make up our luxury car service.

On Time

First and foremost, your chauffeur will always be on time and fifteen minutes early if possible. This is so that you have no worries that you will be late for your appointments. We understand that being late is unacceptable and so it is something that all of our drivers strive to avoid in every instance. Count on our drivers to get you to your destination in the quickest and most efficient way possible every time.

Pure Luxury

The car that you will be driving in is obviously a highly important component of your chauffeur experience. The cars are always clean, don’t smell of overpowering odours and are the lap of luxury as you will be riding in amazing cars such as the Mercedes Benz S-Class. The newest cars are all a part of our luxury service and so we do not cut corners when it comes to your comfort and experience.


Hand is opening the car door

Here at Carrus Group we ensure that our chauffeurs go out of their way to take care of you as a passenger. A smooth ride, with no abrupt stops, over acceleration or rough turns is paramount to what we do. Our drivers are well-acquainted with the areas that you need to travel to and can provide the quickest, least time-consuming, route available for your convenience. Chauffeurs will also be extreme adherents to all traffic laws and as such you can expect the safest experience possible.

Impeccable Service

Lastly, if you need anything at all you need only ask your chauffeur. They will gladly engage in conversation with you in a friendly and professional manner, they are happy to serve your needs and make sure that you get what you need out of your chauffeuring experience. They will handle all of your luggage, open and close your doors as a standard part of your experience.

Looking for reliable transportation that can provide the best chauffeured experience possible? Then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Carrus Group today on 0203 188 1079 and we will be more than happy to help fulfil your chauffeur needs.

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