Spotlight on: The Toyota Prius

At Carrus Group, we are proud of the vehicles that we use within our executive car hire services, such as our range of Mercedes Benz classes (including our V-Class), but we also have one additional vehicle in our executive chauffeur fleet; the Toyota Prius.

This stands out from the crowd, as it is the only vehicle we use that isn’t a Mercedes, and there is a lot of history behind. Therefore, we’ll take you on a journey to learn more about this fascinating vehicle.

What’s So Special About the Prius?

The Toyota Prius has been in production for nearly 20 years, and it is a full hybrid electric vehicle. Institutions and agencies, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency, have stated that the Prius is one of the cleanest vehicles that has been sold in the US. In fact, the 2016 Prius Eco was named as the all-time most fuel efficient gasoline-powered car non-plugin vehicle ever.

How Does It Work?

Because it is classified as a full hybrid, this means that the Prius operates via a power-split mechanism. This can mean two things:

  1. The car can operate as a parallel hybrid, where the electric motor and gas engines can power the car individually or together.
  2. The car can operate as a series hybrid, where the engine can operate independently of the speed of the car, charging the batteries, or providing power to the wheels when necessary.

Because of this system, it means that the Prius can alternate its primary mode of power, from gasoline to electric. As such, the fuel efficiency is increased drastically and the Prius can maintain longer journeys with few fuel stops.

Very much technology in a small space

The Toyota Prius at Carrus Group

We at Carrus Group believe that comfort is the best policy when it comes to an executive chauffeur service. We always want to make sure that all our clients are as relaxed as possible, which is where the Prius truly shines. Because of its engine layout, it means that the amount of noise that is produced is decreased due to the hybrid system.

With this, you can well and truly relax in style while you are driven to the port, airport, business meeting, or even around a city for the day! Our Prius can carry four people and can hold two suitcases, making it perfect for a family day out sightseeing or an airport transfer.

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