Shopping in Style

You wait patiently and exactly on time you’re met by a Mercedes that glides you away in sumptuous luxury. Cocooned in plush leather you begin to prod around the buttons and inevitably find the one that reclines your seat… midday is a good time for a nap right? And then there’s the button next to it… is it? It can’t be; gingerly you prod it and your suspicions are proven correct, they are indeed massage seats!



After 40 minutes of having relaxation massaged into you, you arrive at the first shop and love the fact that you needn’t search for a parking spot and can simply hop out and head to the shops. You’re not only more relaxed but you’re there a good amount earlier than usual… score!

The first shop yields a good few finds and those shoes… at 30% off they were practically giving them away. But in spite of searching the aisles the fatigue that is usual after the initial joy of a shopping trip is non-existent and you’re just a bundle of energy!

Off to the next shopping centre and a brief massage between the two has you in a good mood the likes of which no shopping trip has ever seen before.

And with all that energy, it’s time to find a dress to go with those shoes and after searching the depths of each and every aisle and rack in there, there it is. The colour… the fit… it’s perfect in every way! And then all of a sudden it’s in a bag, at your feet, in a coffee shop. A nice couple of biscotti and a latte later and you’re ready to head back to the car.

When you arrive, there’s no awkward fumbling for keys in the rain, you simply tuck the bags into the boot and then you’re set. Another cheeky massage and recline on the way home coupled with a touch of traffic lets you get in another quick cat nap and you arrive home surprisingly refreshed and are even helped inside with the bags, leaving your hands free to find those pesky keys and find room in the living room for all of those bags.

A glass of wine on the table and a full length mirror setup and you are ready to start your own little fashion show.

Mirror in golden frame in beige colored anteroom

While this may seem like it was plucked straight from a dream, actually the reality of it is that a day this perfect is easy to achieve with our chauffeur driven shopping excursions. If you feel like this type of trip is perfect for you, or you simply want to give your next shopping trip a little lift, then simply contact us today and we will be more than happy to help.

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