Nightmare on Baker Street

London traffic can be a sea of angry drivers, pedestrians with no concept of their mortality and a chorus of horns. It seems like the traffic in London gets worse by the day, as the capital of the country there are a lot of people trying to get from A to B. If you want to arrive to your meeting on time, it sometimes feels, you have to set off at least three days early.

Of course, lots of traffic can lead to a much worse day for you than just a long journey…

Late For a Very Important Date

Being late is one of the biggest sins in the business world. It gives a terrible impression, both of you and the company that you are representing. You want to be less like the tortoise and more like the hare in this respect, getting there fast and ahead of time so you have time for a nap is the preferable outcome. Stuck in a traffic jam is not.

Traffic Sours Your Mood

Businessman experiencing road rage in his car

Frustration, anger and irritation at those who surround you are common feelings during a traffic jam. It can leave you in a sour mood all day. A mood which is not conducive to a good meeting, you may come across as irritated with the client rather than at the awful time you had trying to get to them in the first place. The down spiral of your mood may have a knock-on effect throughout your day, leading to a pretty bad feeling all around and causing you to resent the traffic even further.

Losing Your Way

Vintage toy car with luggage on the roof with a road map of the U.S.

The traffic is piling up, you feel the time ticking away and you begin to sweat with exasperation. You have to be there on time or it’s your head on the line. So you decide to take a shortcut. You vaguely know this area; you’re pretty sure you have driven down it once or twice and used a handy shortcut to get to the area you want. Relieved, you follow your half existing memory, sure you are on to a winner and will be at your meeting in no time. A left turn, a right, 12 o’clock at the roundabout and… You are lost. It’s the worst situation to be in with an important meeting imminent, it’s driven straight out of your worst nightmare.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your journey can be stress-free and without worry.

Here at Carrus Group we pride ourselves on offering a timely, reliable, service throughout London. The best way to avoid the pitfalls of London traffic is with one of our drivers.

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