How to Spot a Professional Chauffeur Service

It’s a common myth that only the incredibly wealthy can afford a chauffeur service. In today’s booming society, hiring a chauffeur couldn’t be more attractive. With reasonable rates and the added comfort and ease of the service, it’s easy to see why more people are turning to chauffeurs for their corporate or airport transfer needs.

As leading executive chauffeurs in London, Carrus Group knows exactly how to provide a professional chauffeur service. But how can you spot the professionals from the rest?



Here at Carrus Group, we believe that being reliable is extremely important. People will hire chauffeurs for the convenience that they provide in getting from one place to another, and this can sometimes mean that they are on time limits.

Running a service that can be relied upon to arrive on time and get from point a to point b in reasonable time will ensure that the clients are happy, and that’s one of our main focuses here at Carrus Group.

Quality of the Vehicles

Providing and maintaining an attractive transport solution is one of the main selling points of a chauffeur service. Chauffeurs provide a high quality luxury service to their clients, and this extends to the vehicle that they will be driving.

After all, if a person was looking just for a standard transport service, they would most likely hire a taxi or use public transport instead of hiring a chauffeur service.

Here at Carrus Group, we consistently upgrade out fleet, with none of our vehicles being older than 3 years old, so that our customers have access to some of the best vehicles on the road.


Experience of both providing a chauffeur service and of the area you will be driving in is essential. With huge competition in the larger cities, it’s easy to fall behind if your drivers don’t know the areas well or have no knowledge of where they are driving.

All the drivers that we have working for us are confident, experienced chauffeur drivers that know the areas that we cover well. This allows us to provide some of the best area based advice as well as a smooth journey from start to finish.

All our chauffeurs that we work with at Carrus Group are experts in their field. We provide one of the best executive chauffeur and airport transfer services in the London area. You can rest assured that our drivers will take great care of you while you are benefiting from our services.

London is a very fast paced city, and it can be sometimes difficult to navigate if you don’t know the area. This is where Carrus Group steps in. We transport you punctually around the city in style and reduce any stress and confusion that you may experience trying to navigate the city yourself. If you are looking for a reliable executive chauffeur in London, contact us today by calling 0203 188 1079 or +44 20 3188 1079 if you are overseas, and one of our expert team members will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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