History Tour: Oxford and Blenheim

Providing several sightseeing tours, here at Carrus Group our professional chauffeurs always ensure that you and your friends have thew best possible service. With a history tour involving Oxford and Blenheim, you can visit some of Britain’s most famous and stunning locations that also served as filming grounds for some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises.

With the weather becoming warmer and nicer every week, visiting the beautiful green areas and museums of these regions will provide you with a fantastic day out with your friends and family.



Home to the oldest university in English-speaking countries, Oxford’s origins can be traced back to Saxon times. Previously known as ‘Oxenaforda’, it’s been called the ‘city of dreaming spires’ by poet Matthew Arnold.

It’s famous for serving as filming grounds for numerous films and series such as Harry Potter, filmed at Christ Church, and others such as Midsomer Murders and Downton Abbey filmed across the county.

The local food and produce are one of Oxfordshire’s well-known factors, including Belmond Le Manoir – a Michelin-starred restaurant. From farmers’ markets to cafés and rural pubs, the area provides plenty of places with delicious local food and drink.

Wildlife parks, such as Costworld Wildlife Park are great for groups and families, with more than 260 animal species. With mazes, museums, and other activities, there’s never a boring moment. The historical Oxford castle allows you to explore a 900-year-old crypt, the Saxon St George’s Tower with stunning 360° views, the 18th-century Debtors’ Tower, and the 11th-century Mound. The provided tours also provide you with a complete and engaging view of the entire castle.



The famous James Bond’s Spectre was filmed at Blenheim Palace, Britain’s Greatest Palace. Built between the years 1705 and 1733 for the 1st Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, it stood to celebrate the victory over the French in 1704’s Battle of Blenheim.

Home to the Dukes of Marlborough for the past 300 years, it is now where the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough reside alongside their family. Serving as a hospital for the wounded during World War I, it’s been opened to the public since 1950.

This famous palace provides some of the most stunning views, with the surrounding areas having historical significance to Britain. Recent productions such as The Big Friendly Giant, Cinderella, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix were filmed at Blenheim Palace.

The park and gardens have areas considered to be Sites of Special Scientific Interest, adding to this magnificent area’s value.

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