Getting to the Corporate Roadshow

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]W[/su_dropcap]hen your company needs to get its message out, there are advertising opportunities, and news bulletins and other wonders of the IT age to be heard.

But occasionally there can be no better platform for delivering your information than getting out and meeting people.

Corporate events and roadshows

The Corporate Roadshow can be an essential part of the business year – taking the time out to get out into the world, meet people and deliver your message. A chance to woo your clients and prospective customers or partners.

Location and setting can frame your statement and message and may also sometimes be essential to the nature of your business. Getting to and from the location and also ensuring your guests have a relaxed and enjoyable experience is essential. Guests may be arriving from other parts of the world or from different regions and their knowledge of the locale is likely to be scant. Leaving them to organise their own route or navigating unfamiliar transport infrastructure will likely cause stress and even disruption to your show, so making sure that everyone is there on time and without having to break a sweat will enable everyone to focus on what they are there for.

Unusual or appropriate locations can often be in out of the way places, or be buried within a city district that would be confusing to find for the outsider or unfamiliar visitor. An Executive Chauffeur can serve as guide and an introduction to your event. If the location that you’ve picked passes by historic, culturally significant or unique landmarks and places then this could be weaved into the story of your event and a scenic route might be adhered to in order to heighten the anticipation or build up a narrative.

Meeting face-to-face

Meeting face-to-face is usually an important step in working your business; what all of the communication made from the office is trying to materialise. And it is likely that it doesn’t happen often enough. Leaving a good impression on your audience and attendees will require you to assemble all the right elements and that includes the transport.

Carrus Group can provide the essential transport to your event or roadshow with experienced chauffeurs and our fleet of cars which includes the Mercedes Benz S-Class and Toyota Prius. For more information on what we offer, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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