Ferry v Plane: Which is the Best Mode of Transport for Business Transfers?

If you’re going on a business trip, the right transport is essential to its success. Not only does it often provide an enjoyable leg of the journey itself, choosing the correct mode of transport can shave hours off your journey time, and allow you the comfort that you need to prepare for whatever the trip will bring.

Business or pleasure, the Carrus Group offers executive airport transfers and cruise port transfers across the country, allowing you to get your journey underway in style.


We cover both major airports and private jet airports, based on our clients’ needs and offer bespoke services to suit the needs of any engagement, or any client. A plane is the perfect transport to get the ball rolling on your trip – simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Despite the very wide range of cities and locations that can be accessed easily from UK airports, flying is not for everyone.

Some clients, staff or others on the trip may be uncomfortable with flying, for example, and it is very important that everyone’s needs are met. If you do choose to fly, however, we will ensure that your schedule is met and that you get to and from your airport in style.


We offer the same seamless and professional pick up and drop off service to ferry ports across the country, and it is a more common method of transport than you may think. A journey from Harwich to Amsterdam or Brussels is particularly fast if you’re based in the north-east, as are a range of French and Spanish destinations from the south, and a ferry offers something that bit different for your staff or your clients.

With more space to stretch the legs, your attendees will be entertained throughout in the bars and attractions of a ferry, and it is an excellent option for overnight trips across Europe.

However you choose to travel, the Carrus Group offer a friendly, efficient service that allows you to get on with your work in privacy, enjoying a smooth, safe and punctual journey in the process. If you wish to learn more about our airport or port transfers, contact us today.

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