Executive Chauffeurs: Are You Worth It?

You’ve just landed after your delayed 13-hour flight from Singapore and that 9am meeting looms large. You didn’t sleep particularly well and it’s freezing cold outside. The luggage took an age to get to the carousel and quite frankly you’d rather be back at home. However, you’re one of the first speakers at this conference and you need that little bit of time to get your head around your presentation before stepping up.

You Have Many Options:

Go public – Bus, train, tube and taxi.


Buses are frequent but not particularly reliable time-wise and just imagine it; you’ve just opened your briefcase and a mum with her three young kids gets on and sits behind you. It’s bedlam! How can you possibly concentrate in those conditions?


Trains are quick and they get you into the centre of the city in minutes, but not to your final destination, so you then have to get from the station to the venue. How can you prepare your presentation in that time? You’ve hardly had a chance to sit down, let alone prepare your speech and it’s time to disembark again.

Tube Trains

Tubes can get you to your venue and offer lots of convenient connections and options, but they can be extremely busy, especially at this time of day. And who wants a loudspeaker rendition of all the ‘mind the gap’ and ‘change here for…’ announcements every two or three minutes while you finalise your opening statement?


Taxis are right outside the terminal and able to take you to the door of your venue. They’re not cheap though and you could be unlucky enough to end up in a 20 year old bone-shaker with the driver who has his radio on full blast and just won’t shut up. It’s noisy, not particularly comfortable and is costing you an arm and a leg!

The Sensible Option

How nice would it be to have the use of a luxury sedan with a smooth ride, a quiet workspace, a professional driver who respects your privacy and your need to concentrate, will meet you in the arrivals hall and take you directly to the door? It’s not just a dream. You’re an executive, so you deserve an executive airport transfer in London. It’ll give you that space that you need to compose yourself, get into the right zone for your presentation and will make you look like the professional you really are when you arrive. Your flight has cost your company thousands, so why not contact us and add on just a little bit extra to be treated in the way you deserve?

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