4 Tips for Being a Great Chauffeur

A chauffeur is more than a driver; busy clients need to know they can relax in the car when you are behind the wheel. Great chauffeurs have a combination of several important skills that allow them to be the ideal professionals for the job.


Appearance Matters

First impressions are everything, and having a polished appearance is a vital part of a chauffeur’s job. You represent quality and class, and being well-groomed and presentable through wearing a clean suit will not only make you feel confident, but also make you come across as a professional.

Directly connected with appearance is hygiene. Personal hygiene is vital, meaning that you need to be clean-shaven and smelling fresh. Don’t overdo it on the aftershave and the perfume, as they can be too overpowering, especially when in close quarters while driving.

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Be Consistent

Consistently arriving on time is a factor that plays deeply into providing an excellent service. Your clients need to be assured that you are always punctual. Being organised and reliable means you constantly arrive punctually so that your clients know they can count on a timely service.

Having a polite and positive attitude while delivering a respectful service will help you stand out. Everyone you encounter, not just your clients, needs to receive the best possible service, as you represent a company and its values.


Driving Skills

One of the most important skills as a chauffeur is to be a great driver. Having a driver’s license isn’t enough; you need to be able to have an accurate and sharp driving ability. Being able to take into account any unpredictable changes while driving and quickly adapting the driving strategy is essential.


Discretion is Essential

As a chauffeur you work closely with important clients. Executive clients, for example, will work while travelling, which will include dealing with sensitive information. You will gain insight into your clients’ personal lives, and it’s paramount that you don’t divulge any information you hear.

Having integrity makes you a great chauffeur. As a professional, you will be in close proximity to your clients’ valuable possessions, and great chauffeurs know how to keep both their clients and their possessions safe.


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